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Siskiyou Announces Optical Mount Flipper

by John Wingerd | February 27, 2020

As Published in Novus Light

The new “optical mount flipper” from Siskiyou Corporation is a motorized platform that enables optical components to be rapidly moved in and out of a free space beam path.  (read more ....)

Siskiyou Lab Jacks Combine Stability, Parallelism and Range

by John Wingerd | July 22, 2019

As Published in Novus Light

Lab jacks from Siskiyou Corporation offer an unmatched combination of stability, platform parallelism (over their full range of travel) and large adjustment range.  (read more ....)

540 Lab Jack

IVM Series Two-Axis Kinematic Optical Mounts From Siskiyou

by John Wingerd | March 12, 2019

As Published in Novus Light

IVM Series kinematic optical mounts from Siskiyou utilize a patented, spring-loaded pivot construction to deliver two-axis tilt adjustment with zero crosstalk and longterm mechanical stability.  (read more ....)

IVM Series Kinematic Mounts

MC2010 Motion Controller System From Siskiyou

by Michael O'Coyne | October 25, 2018

As Published in Novus Light

A new motion controller system from Siskiyou features LabView control, a simplified virtual interface and the ability to automatically create scripts.  (read more ....)

MC2010 Controller

Siskiyou Platform Flexures Offer Stable Tilt Adjustment

by Michael O'Coyne | May 22, 2018

As Published in Novus Light

A new series of single axis platform flexures from Siskiyou Corporation offer highly stable, economical mounting of optical components, along with single axis tilt adjustment. (read more ....)

IXF Platform Mounts

Press Release, as seen on

by Michael O'Coyne | May 02, 2016

GRANTS PASS, Ore., April 25, 2016

The 50.5cr crossed roller stages from Siskiyou Corp. are designed for space- or weight-constrained applications. The stages feature a non influencing foil lock mechanism and offer a linear travel range of 12 mm of the 33 × 33-mm mounting platform. 
The stages are compatible with both manual and motorized actuators from Siskiyou, including 80 TPI and 100 TPI pitch screws, an ultrahigh resolution differential micrometer, and the company’s 512 series motorized actuators.  Applications include microscopy, intracavity adjustments in laser, and medical device incorporation. (read more ....)

50.5cr series stages