TPI Series Adjustment Screw

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adjustment screw

Siskiyou SoftTouch™ TPI series adjustment screws are ideal for OEM and custom applications. They feature our single-wrench-size adjustment for capstan and hex drives and locking screw. The unique collet design incorporates a split-clamp mechanism used to preset adjustment screw tension, as well as locking screw movement. If the location of the locking screw is not ideal, it can be backed out and inserted from the opposite side.

Standard TPI adjustment screws are fitted with ‘black’ SoftTouch™ knob caps by default. Four (4) additional (interchangeable) color caps are available for, user-defined, axis color coding. Factory installed red, green, yellow and gray color caps are available on request, and at no extra charge. To order custom color coded Soft-Touch™ TPI screws simply add the following modifier codes: -R (red), -GN (green), -Y (yellow), or -GR (gray) to the end of the model number.

Product Features

  • 80 thread pitch
  • Fits 3/8-inch collet diameter products
  • Split-clamp lock
  • SoftTouch™ actuators
  • Vacuum compatible versions available

Performance Specifications

  • Travel 318μm/rev
  • Minimum controllable motion* 0.9μm
  • Axial load 100lb


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