TPI-LT Series Screw

As low as $100.00
long travel adjustment screw

Our Lt series of long travel adjustment screws incorporate a magnet stop-block (pat.pend.). As shown in Figure 1 above, where the stage is located against the magnetically coupled adjustment screw, the stage can be adjusted just like on a standard spring-loaded stage. To move the stage out of the experiment, slide the stage to the opposite end of travel to its new magnetic stop location. Some force will be needed to overcome the magnetic coupling on either end of travel. This unique feature is ideal for use on long travel stages in applications where you need to move a device into an area of the experiment and then remove it to a new location. When the stage is in place, the magnet is coupled to the screw and allows the continued use of the adjustment screw for linear adjustment as needed. The opposing stop-block has a 1/4-20 set screw for adjusting the stage location when it is “out” of the experimental area. This simple design is ideal for moving sample chambers under a microscope or moving optical elements into a laser light path. The Lt series adjustment screws are compatible with our 200cr and 400cr stages.

Product Features

  • Magnet “stop-block” for rapid/extreme travel adjustments
  • 20 thread per inch
  • Large adjustment knob for improved resolution

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