fiber coupler, single mode, connectorized, lockable
Product Attachments

This compact fiber translator uses our vibration-resistant OTX.5 series multi-axis optic positioners, which can take a 3G jolt without moving, as the basis for the design. 100 TPI hex adjustment screws provide an accurate sub-micron translation. The Y-axis knob uses a unique capture screw design to ensure no drift due to overloading in that axis. For added stability after alignment, we have added non-influencing axis locks to maintain stability in challenging environments.

Product Features

  • 100 pitch adjustment screws
  • Compatible with CFC series chucks
  • Aspheric coupling lens for diffraction-limited performance
  • Axis locks
  • Non-rotating focus adjustment
  • Crossed roller construction

Performance Specifications


  • X and Y axes: 0.125 inch (3 mm)
  • Z axis: 0.250 inch (6 mm)

Minimum controllable motion

  • X, Y, and Z axes: submicron

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