rotary stage, closed loop, 2.0" optic
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The compact size and high performance of our RSA-2.0i motorized rota­tion stage make it ideal for motorized rotation applications in the labora­tory as well as OEM systems. By employing our standard DC servo motor, the overall thickness of the base is minimized to 1.0-inch [25- mm]. Standard mounting features include both 1⁄4-20 and M6 tapped holes on two edges for post or AS spacer mounting with the axis of rotation hori­zontal. Additionally, universal slots (U.S. system and metric spread) are included for attachment directly to a isolation table or platform with the axis of rotation vertical. The 2.0-inch inner diameter of the rotating dial accepts common 2.0-inch and 50-mm optics and is supplied with two Delrin® retaining rings. The dial has twelve tapped holes (6 each 8-32 and M4) on the face to attach other optical or mechanical elements.

Product Features

  • Quiet running DC servo motor
  • Positive worm gear drive
  • Flexible mounting features
  • UV and Vacuum compatible versions available upon request
  • RoHS compliant→

Performance Specifications

  • Maximum load
    • When axis of rotation is vertical 12 lbs
    • When axis of rotation is horizontal 4 lbs
  • Travel 360° continuous
  • Unidirectional repeatability 10 arc seconds
  • Backlash 120 arc seconds
  • Minimum controllable motion 10 arc seconds
  • Runout / wobble 300 arc seconds
  • Encoder counts per revolution 6,994,345
  • Maximum speed 3 rpm
More Information
Optic Size 2.0in
Manual / Motorized MOTORIZED
Open / Closed Loop Closed Loop

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