RS Series Stage

As low as $225.00
rotary platform stage

RS series rotation stages provide smooth, continuous angular positioning for a variety of components. Both sizes of RS series rotation stages use our unique integrated bearing design. This ball bearing design is a robust but cost- effective alternative to more expensive bearing packages. Our knurled drive system coupled with the bearing system ensures smooth positioning throughout the full 360° of continuous rotation. The knurled edge of the rotating platform gives convenient coarse positioning control. A fine adjustment knob controls angular positioning through a 360° scale graduated in 2° increments. The rotating platform can be securely locked in position by a non-influencing lock that is integrated into the fine adjustment knob.

Product Features

  • Coarse manual adjustment
  • Fine adjustment through 360°
  • Non-influencing lock
  • Vacuum compatible versions available upon request

Performance Specifications

  • Travel 360° continuous

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