RS-100 Series Stage

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rotary stage, 0.5" optic

The RS100’s compact design and right angle drive are ideal for close coupled optic stacking. 0.5-inch polarizers, wave plates, and other small optics can be coarsely positioned using the external knurled dial through a full 360°. Final tuning is accomplished with the worm driven adjustment knob that is located conveniently on the side. The RS100 rotation stage uses our unique integrated bearing design. This ball bearing design is a robust alternative to more expensive bear­ing packages. Our worm drive system, coupled with the bearing system, ensures smooth positioning throughout the 360° of rotation. The face of the dial is marked in 5° increments for easy referencing.

Product Features

  • Coarse manual adjustment
  • Fine adjustment through 360°
  • Post or table mounting
  • Vacuum compatible versions available upon request

Performance Specifications

  • Travel 360° continuous
  • Minimum controllable motion 30 arc min.

Maximum load

  • When axis of rotation is vertical 1 lb
  • when axis of rotation is horizontal 0.5 lb

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