RLJ-1.0 Series Jack

As low as $385.00
lab jack, rotational platform, 1.0" travel

The RLJ-10 is a simple but effective “screw” design lab jack. The simple design has been improved by using tight-tolerance guide rods to mini­mize rotation of the upper platform during linear vertical translation. The upper platform has a built-in 360° rotation and is useful for positioning cube beamsplitters. Our unique vertical adjustment design virtually eliminates all backlash and provides a rock-solid, wobble-free platform at any height.

Product Features

  • 360° rotating platform, lockable
  • 1.0-inch (25-mm) travel range, lockable

Performance Specifications

  • Maximum static load 200 lbs
  • Maximum operational load 50 lbs
  • Rotational resolution 2°
  • Vertical resolution 10 μm
  • Parallelism over full travel .001-inch (.5 milliradians)
  • Platform runout / wobble .001-inch (.5 milliradians)

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