MXT Series Platform

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tilt platform, fine adjustment

The MXT is a small and stable tilt platform that works well where the angle of attack needs to be adjusted. The angle is adjusted by turning the knob in the back of the stage. The angle of the platform surface can be read on the scale that is mounted on the side of the stage opposite the locking screw. The stage is spring-loaded to minimize backlash. The non-influencing foil lock is activated by a laser marked knob on the side of the stage.

Product Features

  • Infinitely adjustable from plane parallel thru 45°
  • Positive non-influencing lock
  • 2° incremental scale
  • Vacuum compatible versions available

Performance Specifications

  • Maximum load: 10lb
  • Angular range 0° – 45°
  • Minimum angular motion 30 arc sec.

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