MXIN-N80i/90i/U Adapter

microscope stage adapter, upright, manual Nikon 80i, 90i, Ni-E
Product Attachments

An adapter plate which allows our MXIN-IX series to be fitted with the Nikon Eclipse Series upright microscopes. The MXIN series microscope stage incorporates our unique coarse-fine drive system, for rapid travel in x-axis & y-axis, as well as 3mm of high-resolution fine control in both axis.

Product Features

Performance Specifications

  • Travel range
    • X axis, coarse/fast: 104 mm
    • X axis, fine: 3.5 mm
    • Y axis, coarse/fast: 76 mm
    • Y axis, fine: 3.5 mm
  • Resolution
    • coarse/fast: 100 µm
    • fine: 5 µm

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