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The MX130-H combines our popular MX130 manipulator with our single-axis MX610 hydraulic manipulator. This combination is ideal for intracellular recording and micro-injection applications. The MX130 manual manipulator has 38mm of coarse axial control along the probe axis (X) and 3.5mm of fine control in that same direction. The large fine control knob improves resolution and feel of the 100TPI fine adjustment screw and also helps the user differentiate between the fine and coarse control knobs without looking. Y-axis and Z-axis control of the MX130 is controlled with 100TPI adjustment screws and maximum travel is approximately 12mm.

The base of the MX130 uses our RTC-0.5 for maximum mount flexibil­ity and has coarse angular adjustments to facilitate alignment under a microscope. The hydraulic stage of the MX610 is mounted to our MXC- 45 and allows the stage to be rotated “out” of the experiment for easy electrode replacement. The fine hydraulic control of the MX610 that is mounted to the top of the MX130 uses our 127TPI adjustment screws to produce sub-micron resolution at the output of the device. This fine control is available across the entire 5mm length of travel of the MX610. On top of the hydraulic stage is a small probe clamp that will hold rod diameters from 3mm to 8mm.

Product Features

  • Repeating probe holder
  • Combined coarse and fine control on X-axis
  • Narrow space-saving design

Performance Specifications

Travel range

  • X axis, coarse/fast: 42 mm
  • X axis, fine: 3 mm
  • Pitch/Yaw: 7°

Minimum controllable motion

  • X axis, fine: 5 μm
  • Pitch/Yaw: 5 arc sec.


More Information
Manual / Motorized HYDRAULIC
Travel 42mm/1.65in
Right/Left LEFT
Open / Closed Loop No
Degrees of Adjustment No

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