MX10 Series Manipulator

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manipulator, dovetail, 4-axis

The MX10 is a miniature micromanipulator that is ideal for positioning applications that require micron-scale resolution. DT100 series stages use a precision rolled 80TPI lead screw for smooth positioning along their entire travel. Our miniature dovetail slide uses an adjustable spring-loaded gib design. This feature ensures stability, straightness of travel and also works as a locking mechanism. The device is equipped with a fourth axis which can be set at any angle through 360° of motion. The compact size of the MX10 makes it ideal for simulator applications. The mounting method makes removal and replacement very straightforward. The addition of a simple stop allows repeatable placement.

Product Features

  • Linear approach on probe axis
  • 10-mm travel in all 4 axes
  • Dovetail mounting rail for easy removal or replacement
  • Holds mounting rods from 3- to 10-mm in diameter.

Performance Specifications

  • Maximum load 0.5 lbs
  • Travel / axis 0.39 inch [10 mm]


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