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Build complete imaging systems for virtually any application with Siskiyou MRK & IPS modules. The IPS200 motorized XY platform supports, and the MRK100 imaging tower is the backbone for custom microscope systems. The IPS200 is a fully motorized XY stage with 50mm of travel at 0.2μm resolution with a handheld controller. The center chamber plat­form is easily set at various heights for various sample thicknesses. The center chamber is an industry standard 10.8cm diameter that accepts a wide variety of components.

The modular IPS200 system uses our 200cr series stages for 50mm of X and Y travel. The large travel range maximizes access to the chamber and manipulators, while facilitating mounting of stereotaxic holders for in vivo experiments.

The MRK100 is a camera tower with IS-GCI condenser lens, LED light source (IR or warm white – others available on request) and upper optics tube. The upper optics tube is mounted to a Z-axis focus drive with 50mm of motorized travel. This stage can be connected to our DR1000 digital readout to facilitate returning to the focal plane.

The objective mount is a two position “flipper” for high and low magnification objectives. Above the objective, flipper is a CBH-1 beamsplitter module containing a dichroic beamsplitter tube assembly. Inside of the assembly is a single position dichroic/ emission-filter mount. This mount can be slid into position for fluorescence experiments and out of the light path for gradient contrast imaging experiments. On the opposite side (right) of the CBH-1 assembly is a port for introducing virtually any light source – liquid crystal light guide from a fluorescence source, LED, fiber coupled or free-space laser. It has a port for the excitation filter.

For optogenetic stimulation, our IS-OGP can be added or replace the existing CBH-1. Variable spot(10um-50um) directly on the cell with XY positioning with the field of view. CBH-1 modules can be stacked to accommodate more than one light source or detector. Above the CBH-1 module(s) is a tube lens and C-mount to accommodate your camera. You can configure a complete system that’s easy to modify as your experiment evolves – with Siskiyou MRK & ISP modules.

With so many variations available, please contact your closest Siskiyou representative for assistance with your system requirements and pricing.

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