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flexure optic mount, beamsplitter, METRIC

The IXFbs series of flexure mounts is derived from our popular IXF monolithic flexure mounts. Clear aperture cut-outs have been added to maximize beam clearance for beamsplitter applications. These cutouts are set at 45° and maximize beam clearances at full travel. Available in front-adjust or top adjust configurations for flexibility of mounting in confined laser cavities. This new feature is ideal for applications where accessibility to the mount is limited and our standard model can't be accessed. Built into the top adjustment mechanism is a simple split-clamp lock for the 100TPI adjustment screws. These locks work best when they are pre-loaded prior to adjustment, adjustment made, then locked in place. (Patent No. 8,925,409)

Product Features

  • Front or Top adjustable design
  • Built-in 45° clear apertures
  • Monolithic construction
  • 100TPI lockable adjustment screws
  • Vacuum and UV-compatible
  • RoHS compliant→

Performance Specifications

  • Select options to see performance specifications.
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Mounting Angle 90 DEGREES