microdrive, cross roller,50mm travel w/digital readout
Product Attachments

The MD7700 linear stage assembly interfaces to traditional stereotaxic instruments with a 5/16" rod clamp. Mounted to the stage is our MXC probe clamp that allows secure rod mount for probes, microinjectors, and pipette holders. Also shipped with MD7700 is our dovetail head stage holder for mounting commercially available amplifier headstages.

The MD7700 motorized crossed roller bearing translation stage offers ex­ceptionally smooth linear travel up to 50mm. Our 7700 series stages use a precision preloaded lead screw to ensure drift-free operation. The closed loop drive allows encoded feed to the DR1000, digital readout, included. For the complete setup a Siskiyou motion controller (sold separately) needs to be selected. For single axis the MC1000e-1 push button controller or the MC1000e-1/4RT dial controller can be used. Also acceptable are any of our MC1000e series controllers.

Product Features

  • 1.7 mm/second rapid positioning
  • Quiet running DC servo motors
  • Crossed roller bearings provide highly linear motion
  • Digital readout included
  • RoHS compliant→

Performance Specifications

  • Maximum vertical axis load: 4 lbs
  • Travel: 50 mm
  • Minimum Controllable Motion: .2µm

MXC (included) Features

  • Rotates 180°
  • Spring-loaded lock knob
  • Built in repeatable stop
  • Holds ø.11-ø.41 rods

MXC-D (included) Features

  • Rotates 180°
  • Spring-loaded lock knob
  • Built in repeatable stop
  • compatible with Axon 200/700 series, HEKA EPC-10, and A-M Systems model 2400
More Information
Manual / Motorized MANUAL
Travel 50mm/2.0in
Open / Closed Loop Closed Loop

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