MC401 (part of lekc kit)

1-axis open loop, push-button controller

The MC401 and MC400 open loop DC controllers are designed to drive our 400 series actuators. These controllers allow the user to operate from one to four of our 400 series actuators of any travel length. These controllers use a wall mounted DC power supplies as their source. These noise-free DC controllers, along with our 400 series drives, can be used in proximity to electrophysiology experiments.

Product Features

  • Economical DC controller
  • Variable, high resolution speed control
  • Preset rapid and medium speed settings
  • RoHS compliant→

Performance Specifications

  • With 400 series actuators under 8 pounds load

Maximum speed:

  • Rapid 800 μm/sec
  • Medium 100 μm/sec
  • Slow Range / High 35 μm/sec
  • Slow Range / Low 5 μm/sec
  • Power requirements 110 VAC, 50/60 Hz
  • More Information
    Manual / Motorized MOTORIZED
    Travel No
    Open / Closed Loop Open Loop

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