MC2010 4 Axis Controller


4 axis, computer interface controller

The MC2010 Multi Axis Motion Controller is a computer interface controller to position linear and rotary stages via LabVIEW™ based software installed on a customer supplied PC/Laptop with a USB port.  The MC2010 controller is compatible with Siskiyou's closed loop motorized linear stages (800, 100cri, 200cri, 7600, and 7700 series stages), linear actuators (841 and 842), and motorized rotational stages (RSA-0.5i, RSA-1.0i, and RSA-2.0i).

The base model of the MC2010 is a 4 axis configuration, although we do offer this controller up to 10 axes per industry standard 19-inch rack mounted cabinet. A USB cable is included.

The supplied LabVIEW™ executable has the ability to move the stage/actuator either a precise distance or jog for coarse positions. Interface commands are given in microns or degrees and are capable of 0.1µm or 0.1° resolution when used with our motorized stages. Location presets can be made for each axis allowing easy recall to a stage position saved by the user. The software also features the ability to record moves to a script file. This script file can then be played back to repeat the saved sub-routine. The software is supplied on a CD.

*These products are configured per customer order. Siskiyou sales team will contact you with a ship date after your order*

Product Features

  • Operating software
  • 4 thru 10 axis, closed loop control
  • USB I/O interface
  • 19-inch Rack Mount Form Factor
  • RoHS compliant→
Minimum controllable motion 0.1 μm
Maximum speed 1.7 mm/sec
Power requirements 110–230 VAC, 50/60 Hz

System Requirements

  • Windows 7.0 or higher

Hardware - minimum requirements

  • 2GHz CPU speed
  • 1GB RAM
  • 1GB hard disk free space
  • Available USB2.0 interface
  • Display Screen Resolution of 1440x900 

For 5-10 axis configurations contact Siskiyou Sales here**

More Information
Manual / Motorized MOTORIZED
Open / Closed Loop Closed Loop
Travel No
Degrees of Adjustment No
Right/Left No

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