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mc1000e series pushbutton controller

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    The MC1000e-1 and MC1000e are simple push-button controllers with submicron positioning capability, and compatible with our 800 and 7000 series actuators, manipulators, and stages. These controllers have two preset speed settings: rapid (1.7 mm/second) and medium (300 μm/sec­ond). The third speed selector (slow) has a variable 330° potentiometer that enables settings from high speed (50 μm second) to low speed (2 μm/second). With the speed selector set at the slowest settings, con­sistent 0.2 μm moves are easily made by the simple bump of an axis button. The controller uses encoder feedback from the motor to drive the device. This encoder coupling enables the use of the DR1000 digital readout for repeated positioning requirements.

    The MC1100e is a simple 4-axis push-button controller with submicron positioning capability similar to the MC1000e series above. In addition, the MC1100e has a target/retract feature on one axis. Target/retract allows a user to set a target location at the desired point. When it becomes necessary to back away from the experiment area, the user simply presses the RETRACT button on the controller. The stage/actuator plugged into that axis then automatically retracts to its full negative limit. The user can then return to the previously set position by simply depressing the TARGET button.

    The MC1000e-1, MC1000e and MC1100e controllers use a CE certified power supply as their source for clean DC power. All controller cables are shielded and fitted with a central ground lug located on the junction box to ensure noise-free operation during sensitive electrophysiology experiments.

    Product Features

    • Economical DC controller
    • Variable, high-resolution speed control
    • Preset rapid and medium speed setting
    • User set TARGET point (optional, MC1100e only)
    • RoHS compliant→

    Performance Specifications

    • Minimum controllable motion 0.2 μm
    • Power requirements 100–240 VAC, 50-60 Hz
    • Universal switching AC/DC power supply included

    Switch boxes for MC1000e or MC1100e

    Our switching box allows control of one to four 4-axis micromanipulators by one controller (MC2010 excluded). The basis of the design is simple and requires only an extra controller junction box for each added micromanipulator or motor drive group (up to four per group). Junction boxes must be purchased separately, however this is more cost-effective than individual handheld control units. The user can save a "target" location for each manipulator independent of the operation of the others even after switching between micromanipulators. The DR1000 is also compatible with this switching box and will allow the user to reposition without the use of an expensive computer based controller. The switch box comes with enough cables to attach four junction boxes, and all connections are shielded.

    Choose the SB-MC1000e for MC1000e applications, choose SB-MC1100e for MC1100e applications

    Product Features

    • Control 2 to 4 micromanipulators with 1 controller.
    • Cost-effective and easy to assemble
    • No position loss during switching
    • RoHS compliant→

    Junction Boxes for MC1000e and MC1100e

    When used with the SB-MC1000e, 15 pin 4-way switch box, or SB-MC1100e, 25 pin 4-way switch box the junction boxes for MC1000e is used to operate up to four 4-axis micromanipulators with one controller. Each micromanipulator needs a separate junction box. This will allow the operator to select which micromanipulator is active and only need one hand-held push button controller on the station for position control.

    Product Features

    • RoHS compliant→
    • Power requirements 100–240 VAC, 50-60 Hz
    • Universal switching AC/DC power supply included

    Digital Readout

    The DR1000 Digital Readout provides an accurate, highly visible display for axis position. The digital readout may be installed on any of our e series controllers and is connected in series via a double-sided connector between the controller junction box and the device D connector. Each digital readout reads a single axis position. Additional units may be used to monitor multiple axes. The DR1000 reads from 50 mm down to 0.1 μm and has a face mounted ZERO SET button. The DR1000 receives clean DC power through the junction box of the MC1000e series controller. All cables are shielded to ensure noise-free operation during sensitive electrophysiology experiments. The slim and light weight case may be mounted separately or stacked on top of each other in multiple axis applications.

    Product Features

    • Economical position readout solution
    • Large, easy to read, digital display
    • Compatible with all e series controllers
    • RoHS compliant→

    Performance Specifications

    • Minimum travel increment 0.1 μm
    • Maximum travel display 500,000 μm
    • Accuracy 99

    Power Supply and Power Cable

    Each Junction box requires a separate power supply, power cable and plug adapters if required. WT006 is the power supply, WT004 is the power cable required.

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