IXF2.0tbsa M

mirror mount, aluminum flexure, 2.0" optic, beamsplitter, top adjust, Metric
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The IXF2.0tbsa M is derived from our popular IXFa monolithic flexure mounts. Clear aperture cut-outs have been added to maximize beam clearance for beamsplitter applications. These cutouts are set at 45° and are large enough to accommodate a maximum beam size of 15.9mm at angle variations of ±2.5°. This new variation incorporates the same features as our IXFa but has the tip/tilt adjustments moved to create top-adjusted flexure. This new feature is ideal for applications where accessibility to the mount is limited and our standard model can't be accessed. Built into the top adjustment mechanism is a simple split-clamp lock for the 100TPI adjustment screws. These locks work best when they are pre-loaded prior to adjustment, adjustment made, then locked in place. (Patent No. 8,925,409)

Product Features

  • Top adjustable design
  • Built-in 45° clear apertures
  • Monolithic construction
  • 100TPI lockable adjustment screws
  • Vacuum and UV-compatible
  • RoHS compliant→

Performance Specifications

  • Pitch 5°
  • Yaw 5°
  • Minimum controllable motion 2.4 arc sec.
More Information
Optic Size 2.0in
Adjustment Location Top Adjust
Mounting Angle 90 DEGREES

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