imaging system, adapter, CBH-1.0 to CBH-1.0
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Create a complete optical system by connecting CBH beam splitter modules with the IS‑CBHX2A connector. With multiple input and output ports, you can configure a wide variety of experiments, easily switching light sources and detectors. Internal filter locations and sliding mirror modules allow combined fluorescence and contrast imaging, imaging and spectroscopy, multiple light source inputs with imaging, one or two objectives — or C-mount lenses. Pin pockets on the CBH correspond to pins on our new DTR dovetail rails — CBH modules can slide along the same optical axis! All components are modular, so what used to take hours to set up can be done in minutes. Use Siskiyou components to modularize your experiments.

Product Features

  • Series or parallel module stacking
  • More robust than “cage“ systems
  • RoHS compliant→

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