IM C3 Series, Three Axis Kinematic Mounts

As low as $90.00
mirror mount, kinematic, tip/tilt/translate

These industrial grade kinematic optic mounts offer exceptional perfor­mance with a wide variety of flexible options. Our IM_._ series mounts use precision rolled 80TPI or 100TPI adjustment screws for excellent resolution and feel in the hand. The solid 3/8-inch thick aluminum back plate offers mounting options for right or left-hand compatibility. These mounts use a full “L” cutaway back for maximum clear aperture. The IM_._C3 versions have a cutaway front face to optimize tight beam layouts and are available in right-hand or left-hand versions.

Product Features

  • 80 or 100 pitch lockable adjustment screws
  • Right and left-hand cutaway versions
  • Vacuum compatible versions available upon request

Choose options to see performance specifications.

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