HL.500-XY Series

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0.5 inch travel XY stage / 5.5"

The HL.500-XY stage has crossed roller bearings for the ultimate in stability, linearity and reduced stiction under heavy loads. We use 20% more bearings for improved bidirectional linearity over the entire travel range, with notable performance improvement at the end of travel. A va­riety of manual and motorized actuators are available: manual actuators, differential microm­eters, as well as open-loop and closed loop drives. The HL.500-XY has individual non-influencing locks on each axis that will hold the stage in place even under a 3g jolt. The HL.500-XY is compatible with our MX-AB and MX-AB2 vertical mounting blocks; when combined with our 100cr or 200cr stages a high load XYZ stage system can be assembled.

Product Features

  • Low profile design
  • Integrated XY axes
  • Non-influencing lock
  • High load crossed roller bearings
  • Vacuum compatible versions available

Performance Specifications

  • Travel range 0.5 inch (12.5mm)
  • Maximum horizontal axis load 150 lbs, centered
  • Maximum vertical axis load 20 lbs, centered
  • Minimum controllable motion (adjustment screws sold separately)
    • 40TPI: 10 μm
    • 80TPI: submicron
    • 127TPI: submicron

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