GMx Series Grating/Square Lens Mount

As low as $280.00
gimbal mount, square optic, top adjust, lockable

Siskiyou GMx series grating mounts offer the ultimate in stability and ease-of-adjustment in a true gimbal mount. The optic mounting surface is at the axis of rotation for pitch and yaw motion providing ease of adjustment not found in many other mounts. In addition, these mounts provide a large clear aperture which allows use of either transmissive or reflective optics.

The GMx Series of mounts can hold .5" thru 2.0" square optics with a thickness greater than 2 mm, and offer up to 8° of total rotation in each axis, with a resolution as low as 3.7 arcseconds. All adjustments are accessed from the top of the mount to facilitate their use in space constrained systems and instruments, and they can be either table or post mounted for maximum operational flexibility and convenience. Mounting provisions include clearance holes for 1/4-20 (M6) cap screws from the top of the mount, dowel pin locations and 1/4-20 (M6) tapped holes on the bottom surface.

Product Features

  • Effective thread pitch 170 tpi
  • Maximized clear aperture
  • Vacuum compatible versions available

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