DT-130 Series Stage

As low as $275.00
fast dovetail stage, 42mm travel

The DT-130 series of dovetail stages integrates a coarse fast travel stage and a fine adjustable stage in one simple device. The coarse fast action is controlled by a 0.74-inch diameter knob that is attached to a multi-lead adjustment screw that drives the stage across 42 millimeters of travel in only three revolutions. The fine adjustment is controlled by a large 1.5- inch diameter knob that is attached to a 100TPI adjustment screw which moves the stage across 3 millimeters of travel. This large knob improves leverage and control of any fine adjustments so that movement ap­proaching submicron accuracies can be achieved.

Product Features

  • Integrated 3mm fine adjustment and 42mm coarse fast adjustment
  • Unique sliding XY assembly clamp
  • Submicron fine resolution

Performance Specifications

  • Maximum load 1 lb
  • Travel range
    • Fine 3 mm
    • Coarse / fast 42 mm
  • Minimum controllable motion
    • Fine 5 μm
    • coarse / fast 100 μm

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