DT-100 Series Stages

As low as $90.00

dovetail stage, 12mm Travel

The DT-100 is a miniature dovetail stage that is ideal for positioning applications that require micron-scale resolution. They use precision rolled 80TPI leadscrews for smooth positioning along the entire length of travel. The DT100’s factory pre-set ensures exceptional straightness of travel for a dovetail stage. There are V-grooves into the sides of the bases, designed to slide into Delrin® clamps on the DT100-CL. Tightening the hex screws on these clamps holds the stage securely, without damaging or distorting the stage. The DT100‑CL makes it easy to mount these stages almost anywhere.

Product Features

  • Fine 80 pitch adjustment
  • Compact design
  • Vacuum compatible versions available upon request

Performance Specifications

  • Maximum load: 0.5 lbs
  • Travel: 12 mm
  • Minimum controllable motion: 5 μm

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