single-axis digital readout
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The DR1000 Digital Readout provides an accurate, highly visible display for axis position. The digital readout may be installed on any of our e series controllers and is connected in series via a double-sided connector between the controller junction box and the device D connector. Each digital readout reads a single axis position. Additional units may be used to monitor multiple axes. The DR1000 reads from 50 mm down to 0.1 μm and has a face mounted ZERO SET button. The DR1000 receives clean DC power through the junction box of the MC1000e series controller. All cables are shielded to ensure noise-free operation during sensitive electrophysiology experiments. The slim and light weight case may be mounted separately or stacked on top of each other in multiple axis applications.

Product Features

  • Economical position readout solution
  • Large, easy to read, digital display
  • Compatible with all e series controllers
  • RoHS compliant→

Performance Specifications

  • Minimum travel increment 0.1 μm
  • Maximum travel display 500,000 μm
  • Accuracy 99
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