CVM Series, Compact Top-Adjust Kinematic Mounts

As low as $170.00

mirror mount, kinematic, tip/tilt, top adjust, compact

A low-profile version of our popular IVM100 series mirror mount. The new compact design is ideal for applications in which space or height is critical. The optical axis height is 1.00 inch from the mounting surface. 100TPI adjustment screws are used to control the fine pitch/yaw resolution of this mount, and the screws are swaged at the top to prevent over-adjustment. To ensure rock-solid stability we incorporate our patented spring-loaded pivot (pat# 6590723) with four other springs that are aligned with the individual axes of rotation.

Product Features

  • Low profile
  • 100TPI adjustment screws
  • Patented pivot design
  • UV compatible versions available upon request

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