CLX-3 Series Mount

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lens positioner, cylindrical, top adjust

Siskiyou eXtreme cylindrical lens mounts combine rotation on the optical axis, tip and tilt adjustment into a robust package that’s adjustable from the top. The unique frame accommodates three different sizes of cylindrical lens. The adjustment knob for the rotational axis lets you square up the lens to an input beam, or position an output beam’s axis with high precision. It’s at the top of the assembly for simple access. Pin pockets in the base provide for rock-solid attachment to your optical chassis. Based on the lock architecture of our OTX optical translators, these mounts can take a 4G jolt without moving 5 microns once they are locked into position. Our eXtreme series is just what you need for critical applications

Product Features

  • 100 pitch adjustment screws
  • 3 axes of motion
  • Maximized clear aperture

Performance Specifications, also for (a) versions

Travel / Axis

  • Pitch: 6 degrees
  • Yaw: 7 degrees
  • Roll: 6 degrees

Minimum Controllable Motion

  • Pitch: 4.8 arc sec
  • Yaw: 5.1 arc sec
  • Roll: 6 arc sec


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