eXtreme Connectorized Fiber Translator, 5-axis, Metric

The robust design of our CFTx series of fiber translators makes them ideal for critical applications in tough environments, and to maintain alignment during shipping. Based on the rock-solid OTX lens positioners, these fiber translators can take a 4G jolt without moving more than 5 microns when the axes are locked. 100TPI rolled-thread screws are used for precise positioning, with hex adjusters to prevent accidental misalignment. The Z-axis adjustment boasts an 80-pitch internal thread for precise focusing.

Product Features

  • 100 pitch adjustment screws
  • Rod or base mounting
  • Compatible with CFC series fiber chucks

Performance Specifications


  • X and Y axes: 0.125 inch (3 mm)
  • Z axis: 0.250 inch (6 mm)
  • Pitch and Yaw: 5°

Minimum controllable motion

  • X, Y, and Z axes: submicron
  • Pitch and Yaw: 5 arc sec.
More Information
Degrees of Adjustment X-Y-Z Tip/Tilt

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