About Us

Siskiyou provides a diverse range of micromanipulators, microscope sample positioners, motion control systems and modular opto-mechanical building blocks to Life Science and Photonics researchers. As a company, our goal is simple--to offer the highest quality product at an economical price, and to support our customers with superior service.

Just as a tool is only as good as the person using it, a company is only as good as the people who staff it. The difference between ordinary and extraordinary quality is the people who add their knowledge and skills to a product. At Siskiyou, we pride ourselves in maintaining an experienced work force which provides the life science and photonics research commu­nities with dependable equipment and technical knowledge to support our products. At Siskiyou, our skilled and experienced work force makes the difference in quality and dependability.

Siskiyou has designed and presently manufactures nearly 2500 prod­ucts for the medical research and photonics industries. Products range from highly precise micromanipulators to robust platforms and adapter plates.The manipulator section includes motorized drives and motion controllers that can position stages with incremental moves as small as 0.1 micron. A variety of base plates, adjusting screws, clamps, rods, and mounting posts augment the versatility of the manipulators and stages. Siskiyou products are Modular by Design™, which makes it easy to sub­stitute interchangeable parts or to exchange and add modular units. The ability to combine products interchangeably provides an unlimited array of functional tools that can be adapted to most any requirement.

Recognizing that a functioning precision tool must have accurate, read­able markings, Siskiyou has combined the practicality of precision scales with an aesthetically pleasing product appearance. Affiliated with Siski­you is a company that produces the high quality anodizing for Siskiyou’s product line. Metal Finishers, Inc., also of Grants Pass, was founded in 1988. Through a close working relationship between the two compa­nies, Siskiyou helped develop and re-engineer the anodizing process. MFI guarantees a reliable, quality source of finishing and laser engraving for Siskiyou products, and ensures that the anodizing process will not delay product delivery. Like Siskiyou Corporation, MFI is staffed with experienced people who insist that the highest quality standards are maintained.

Almost every month, a new idea or adaptation expands the applications of Siskiyou tools. Siskiyou engineers listen to customers’ ideas about desired changes or modifications, and then work with customers to pro­vide solutions. Communication is through your preferred method: tele­phone, fax or email. Electronic drawings can be submitted in either dwg or dxf formats. Frequently, drawings are submitted and then discussed via telephone. Siskiyou’s willingness to listen has led to respect among customers who want person-to-person support. Siskiyou engineers can provide guidance and insight for your next project whether it involves standard products or customized devices.

Siskiyou is growing, but the people at Siskiyou haven’t changed. Your project becomes our concern. Providing tools for your discoveries and in­novations is why we’re here. Call us and find out how Siskiyou can make a difference for you.

Siskiyou's History

Siskiyou Corporation began in Grants Pass, Oregon, in 1972 as a two-man shop with the concept of providing precision positioning devices for photonics research. The first products produced were a mirror mount, support post, support post holder, and mounting base. It was the preci­sion of our instruments that attracted attention and soon we received requests for related devices.

Over the years, advances in life science and photonics research led to new uses for Siskiyou’s devices, resulting in an increase in demand. As demand increased, staff and equipment were added to handle both new design requests and manufacturing capacity for all products. By 1992, twenty years after the initial concept, Siskiyou had grown and was equipped with the latest CNC machining centers. Now, forty years into our existence, we continue to adapt to changing market demands through the use of technology and our highly skilled staff. From the be­ginning, through the present, and continuing for years into the future, the one element that Siskiyou will not outgrow is its commitment to quality. Siskiyou’s commitment translates into developing and maintain­ing highly trained and skilled people dedicated to serving our customers.

Because Siskiyou is committed to continue to produce high quality prod­ucts within reasonable delivery periods, we have acquired contiguous properties to ensure our ability to expand at our present location. As we grow, we will continue to have the same quality of expertise to assist you in selecting, installing, operating, and maintaining your equipment.

In an age of rapid job turnover, we are proud to have a staff with an average tenure of more than twenty years. New staff members will be trained by experienced professionals to deliver the quality you expect. The backbone of Siskiyou — our experienced staff — will always be available. Siskiyou is committed to ensuring that the current high stan­dard in product support will be maintained.