50.5cr-T M

1.3" top adjust stage, 2mm travel, Metric
Product Attachments

The 50.5cr-T brings top adjust capability to the thinnest line of crossed roller translation stages available. With a 100 pitch screw bearing upon a 60° angle block, the effective thread pitch is 170, giving you the most precise adjustment available from a non-differential adjuster. Perfect for tight spaces, many components can be mounted to the top adjust stages to help you get many degrees-of-freedom in a small volume. (Patent No. 8,925,409)

Product Features

  • Low profile design
  • Non-influencing lock
  • High load crossed roller bearings
  • Vacuum compatible versions available
  • RoHS compliant→

Performance Specifications

  • Maximum horizontal axis load 3 lbs
  • Travel range 0.078 inch (2 mm)
  • Resolution 100TPI submicron,150μm/revolution
More Information
Travel 2mm
Manual / Motorized MANUAL

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