3010 Series Holder

As low as $650.00
fiber holder, self aligning, 110um/125um

Self-Aligning Fiber Holder

The Model 3010 fiber holder is designed to quickly and securely align the fiber by simply activating the plunger release. The Model 3010 uses a crossing X pattern to align the fiber with the clamping jaws.

The camera shutter release simplifies opening / closing and can be locked in the open position. An 8-32 and 4-40 mounting hole pattern common to our 1600 and 7600 stages is used for attachment. Attach the 3010 to the PY-2 to provide pitch/yaw adjustment.

Product Features

  • Self-aligning design
  • Convenient cable actuation

Performance Specifications

Model 3010

  • Core sizes 110 to 125 μm

Model 3018

  • Rod sizes 1 to 2 mm

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